Alcon Launches Project Presbyopia to Educate Eye Care Providers and Consumers During Presbyopia Awareness Month

Source: www.SeeNearAndFar.com

Alcon is launching Project Presbyopia as part of Presbyopia Awareness Month in April. Project Presbyopia is an ongoing effort to educate consumers about how to recognize signs and symptoms of vision changes, uncover more intuitive language for the condition, and drive existing and emerging presbyopes into eye care providers’ (ECPs) offices to explore solutions, including multifocal contact lenses.

As part of the initiative, Alcon is providing ECPs with a 40th birthday card (via social media and Alcon.com) that they can send to patients who are turning 40 this year to encourage them to try multifocal contact lenses with a free trial.

By 2020, over 123 million Americans will be of presbyopic age. Alcon recently surveyed presbyopia sufferers to better understand their awareness of the condition and found that only 30% of people surveyed said they made an appointment with their eye doctor to determine the cause of their vision changes.

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