Alcon Launches New Website to Educate Patients on LASIK and Contoura Vision

Source: Alcon

Alcon has launched a new website, yourlasiksolution.com, to help educate patients about LASIK and surgery options, including its WaveLight LASIK technology with Contoura Vision. Alcon gathered input from real-world LASIK patients about the type of information that was critical to make an informed decision on whether moving forward with the procedure was right for them,” according to a company news release. These topics are featured on the website as well as an overview of Alcon’s personalized topography-guided LASIK technology, Contoura Vision.   

The key topics featured on the website include:

  • What to expect before, during and after surgery
  • Overview of expected costs
  • Concerns about the safety of LASIK
  • Testimonials from LASIK patients
  • Downloadable discussion guide
  • Doctor locator tool to help patients identify a surgeon in their area
  • Overview of WaveLight LASIK technology with Contoura Vision

“It is vital that every one of my patients has the necessary information and feels confident about their decision to move forward with LASIK surgery,” Karl G. Stonecipher, MD, medical director of TLC Greensboro in North Carolina, said in the news release. “This website will help them learn about the surgery–before, during and after–and feel empowered to better understand the type of LASIK surgery they will undergo. Contoura Vision can be a valuable option for patients looking for vision that may exceed what they were achieving with their contact lenses or glasses.”

With Contoura Vision, life after a LASIK procedure means excellent vision for a large number of patients. In a clinical study with eyes treated with Contoura Vision, 92.6% achieved 20/20 vision or better and many patients experienced even greater benefits: nearly two-thirds of eyes achieved at least 20/16 vision, and 15.7% of eyes achieved 20/10 vision or better.1 Of patients who used Contoura Vision, 98.4% say they would do it again.

In addition to encouraging patients to visit the new website, Alcon WaveLight surgeons can submit a form online at www.updatemylocator.com to update or add their location information for the surgeon locator tool on the website.


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