Alcon Forms Strategic Alliance to Bring Image-Guided Biometry to the Cataract Refractive Suite

Source: Alcon

Alcon announced a strategic alliance with MOVU to bring an image-guided biometer to global markets. Based in Santa Clara, California, MOVU, a Santec company, is the manufacturer of the ARGOS Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) biometer used to measure eye parameters for patients before cataract surgery.

“We’re excited to work with MOVU to integrate the ARGOS biometer’s diagnostic testing with Alcon’s Cataract Refractive Suite technologies inside the operating room,” Jeannette Bankes, President and General Manager of Global Surgical Franchise at Alcon, said in a company news release. “In doing so, our goal is to improve patient outcomes through enhanced workflow efficiency and reduced opportunities for transcription errors.”

As envisioned, MOVU’s ARGOS biometer will gather the required diagnostic measurements by capturing a high-resolution image of each patient’s unique eye. Once captured, the same image used initially for preoperative planning will be used to provide intraoperative guidance and postoperative assessment reducing potential sources for transcription error typically present in cataract surgery planning and execution. Further, the end-to-end connectivity between ocular biometry and the Cataract Refractive Suite aims to reduce the number of devices inside the clinical office. This results in a more efficient workflow while reducing the need for manual data entry into multiple devices.

MOVU will continue to manufacture ARGOS, its SS-OCT biometer while integrating Alcon’s VERION image-guidance and vision planner software directly into the biometer technology. As part of the alliance, Alcon will be the exclusive distributor of the ARGOS biometer.

“By integrating Alcon’s image guidance and vision planning technology inside the ARGOS biometer, we’re excited to bring a comprehensive, efficient solution for surgeons and their patients,” Daikou Tei, President & CEO at Santec Corporation, said in the news release. “With ARGOS, our goal is to simplify the cataract surgery procedure making it less manual and cumbersome so that surgeons can achieve the best outcome for patients.”

The ARGOS biometer with image guidance by Alcon has received CE Mark and Japanese approval, and will be available in select markets including Europe during the second half of 2019. It is currently under FDA review for availability in the United States.


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