Alcon Announces European Launch of Vivity Presbyopia-Correcting IOL With X-WAVE Technology

Source: Alcon

Alcon announced that the AcrySof IQ Vivity IOL is now commercially available in select European markets, with additional countries to follow throughout 2020.

The latest innovation in Alcon’s portfolio of presbyopia-correcting IOLs (PC-IOLs), Vivity is the first-of-its-kind, extended range of vision IOL that uses non-diffractive design called X-WAVE technology to reduce a cataract patient’s dependency on glasses, according to a company news release.

According to patient-reported outcomes, Vivity enables high-quality vision at far and intermediate ranges as well as functional up-close vision. Available in spherical and toric designs, Vivity is built on Alcon’s AcrySof IQ IOL platform that has been implanted in more than 120 million eyes globally.

“We are excited to introduce Vivity because it addresses some common concerns of surgeons and cataract patients alike when considering presbyopia-correcting IOLs,” Michael Onuscheck, President, Global Business and Innovation at Alcon, said in the news release. “This novel non-diffractive lens option provides PC-IOL performance with the ease of monofocal patient management.”

Alcon’s proprietary non-diffractive technology uses two smooth surface transition elements on the anterior surface of the IOL that work simultaneously to create continuous, extended range of vision rather than separate focal points. Recent clinical trials found Vivity provides very good quality of vision at distance and intermediate ranges in bright and dim light. Without glasses, 94 percent of patients reported good or very good vision at distance, and 92 percent reported good or very good vision at arm’s length.1 Additionally, patients using Vivity reported such low levels of starbursts, halos and glares that Vivity’s visual disturbance profile is comparable to a monofocal lens.2

Following FDA approval in February, Alcon will begin launching Vivity with select U.S. ophthalmologists over the coming months, with broader U.S. availability to be announced later this year.

“As we continue to focus on the ongoing launch of PanOptix in the U.S., we look forward to launching Vivity as a complementary lens in more markets throughout the year,” Mr. Onuscheck said.

Alcon is the leading manufacturer of intraocular lenses. Of the 20 million cataract procedures conducted globally each year, only 4% of patients receive PC-IOLs. Now, with a lens that offers a visual disturbance profile comparable to the industry-leading AcrySof IQ monofocal lens, Vivity offers cataract surgeons another option to deliver better outcomes for their patients.


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