AEYE Health Develops Advanced AI-Based Retinal Screening With Instant Results

Source: AEYE Health

AEYE Health has developed an AI-based retinal screening system that provides analysis and diagnostic results within 60 seconds.

AEYE Health’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies offer instant and accurate screening and analysis of the retina for the detection of a variety of retinal and systemic conditions, according to a company news release. AEYE Health’s system simplifies retinal screenings by enabling the screenings to take place outside the ophthalmologist’s office, in places like primary care and endocrinology¬†clinics or pharmacies, or even in places of employment.

“Early detection is key to saving patients’ vision. We at AEYE Health have created a unique, AI-based system that can operate on any fundus camera to ensure patients who need an eye check can receive it without having to wait until their next visit to the ophthalmologist’s office,” Zack Dvey-Aharon, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of AEYE Health said in a company news release. “We already have several exciting projects in the pipeline, ready for launch as soon as we get our FDA clearance. We are delighted to spearhead global efforts to develop an accurate, affordable and useable solution to detect retinal conditions, prevent blindness and save lives.”

AEYE Health has partnered with UMass to develop a new system for use in hospitals with the first integrated solution that connect between the different stakeholders and providers including the ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, primary care providers and pharmacies. AEYE Health have also partnered with Roche Pharmaceuticals to develop a retinal screening solution for pharmacies and clinics.

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