A Majority of ECPs Reduce Office Hours, Expect Lower Revenues as COVID-19 Situation Expands, Survey Finds

Source: VisionMonday

Almost four in five eyecare professionals (primarily independent optometrists and opticians) have taken steps, or are considering, a move to reduce office hours, and about four in 10 are considering temporarily closing their offices in response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a Jobson Research survey, as reported by VisionMonday. Among the respondents considering a reduction in hours, 43.6 percent said they are considering temporarily closing their offices and 21.2 percent said they are evaluating whether to open fewer days per week.

In this updated Jobson Research survey, which was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, 1,020 of the 1,323 respondents (or 77.1 percent) said they are either reducing office hours or are considering this response. About one-third of the respondents (33.8 percent) said they would close their offices “only if mandated.”

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