Genentech Scientists Honored with Champalimaud Vision Award

Source: Genentech
Anthony P. Adamis, MD, Vice President, Global Head of Ophthalmology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Genentech and former Genentech scientist, Napoleone Ferrera, MD, have been acknowledged with the prestigious Champalimaud Vision Award, according to Genentech.

The award was given to a group of researchers responsible for the development of anti-angiogenic therapy for retinal disease. That discovery led to the development of Lucentis, the first FDA-approved medicine proven to slow the progression of wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema restore sight in many patients.
With a reward of 1 million euros (approximately $1.4 million), the Champalimaud Vision Award is the largest in the fields of vision and ophthalmology. The award will be divided among seven researchers who were a part of this important medical discovery. Recipients received the award in Lisbon on September 10.

The António Champalimaud Vision Award is given for contributions to overall vision research and contributions to the alleviation of visual problems, primarily in developing countries. The work of this year's recipients covers the entire research process, from the identification of the molecule, to the understanding of its role in retinal-vascular disease in animals and humans, to the evaluation of an inhibitor and its final application in the treatment of affected patients.

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