Haag-Streit UK Appointed Sole Distributor for Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety

Source: Haag-Streit UK
Haag-Streit UK has announced it has partnered with Avellino Lab USA and has been appointed the sole UK distributor of the Avellino DNA Test for LASIK safety, according to a company news release. The Avellino DNA test for LASIK safety is the only commercially available genetic test worldwide for Granular Corneal Dystrophy (GCD).

Granular Corneal Dystrophy type 1 (GCD1) and type 2 (GCD2) is a disease that causes cloudiness, specifically grey-white granular protein deposits on the corneas, which can lead to loss of clear vision. While GCD usually develops slowly, carriers of this genetic mutation are at an extremely high risk of accelerated opacity formations should they undergo vision-correction surgery such as LASIK, LASEK or PRK. The Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety positively identifies, with high accuracy, if a person has the genetic mutation. By doing so, the test reduces the risk of patients with the GCD mutation having post-LASIK vision impairment and increases their confidence that they are avoiding unnecessary harm to their vision.

The Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety involves a simple mouth swab to determine whether a person carries the GCD1 or the GCD2 gene mutation. Specifically, the ophthalmologist takes 10 swipes from the inside of each cheek in order to obtain an adequate sample. The sample is then sent to Avellino Lab USA in California, and within 48 hours, the results are provided online to the physician and then shared with the patient. Based on a negative result, patients are able to proceed with the planned LASIK procedure with confidence. If an individual is identified as positive for the genetic mutation, he or she will be advised against having LASIK surgery and encouraged to take protective measures, such as minimizing exposure to UV light by wearing appropriate protective lenses to help postpone the progression of GCD symptoms.

"A first to market, HS-UK can now make the Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety available to UK laser clinics, making vision-correction surgery safer for those undergoing the procedure throughout the country," Grahame Wood, HS-UK National Sales Manager, said in the news release. "The adoption of the Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety would emphasise a laser clinic's commitment to delivering state?of?the?art technology to their Patients, while increasing safety and success rates. It would truly differentiate clinics who fully-endorse Patient safety as being the number one priority."

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